Lizzie Pearmain

Lizzie Pearmain

PhD Student - Seabird Ecology,
University of Cambridge &
British Antarctic Survey


I am a seabird scientist undertaking a PhD on the habitat preferences of Southern Ocean albatrosses and petrels. Previously I worked for a global conservation NGO, where my research focussed on analysing tracking data to understand which areas of the ocean seabirds frequent, and integrating this with other data such as threats to species to inform our seabird conservation work.

After completing my undergraduate degree in Zoology, I pursued a Masters' in Systems Biology to develop my mathematical and computational skills. At BirdLife I contributed to various conservation research projects and discovered a passion for using new tools and technologies to tackle problems in efficient and reproducible ways.


  • Data analysis
  • Using and teaching R, Shiny, and Rmarkdown
  • Spatial analysis
  • Biologging
  • Seabird conservation
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Web development

Education & Experience

  • 2021 - present - PhD Student
    University of Cambridge & British Antarctic Survey
  • 2017 - 2021 - Marine Technical Officer
    Previously Marine Technical Support Officer
    Global Marine Science Team, BirdLife International
  • 2015 - Science Communicator
    Cambridge Science Centre
  • 2016 - 2017 - MSci in Systems Biology
    University of Cambridge
  • 2013 - 2016 - BA in Natural Sciences
    University of Cambridge

Selected publications

View the full list on my Google Scholar profile.

  • Carneiro, A.P.B., Pearmain, E.J., Oppel, S. et al. (2020) A framework for mapping the distribution of seabirds by integrating tracking, demography and phenology.
    Journal of Applied Ecology

  • Dias, M.P., Martin, R., Pearmain, E.J., et al. (2019) Threats to seabirds: a global assessment.
    Biological Conservation

  • Clay, T.A., Pearmain, E.J., McGill., R.A.R., Manica, A., Phillips, R.A. (2018) Age-related variation in non-breeding foraging behaviour and carry-over effects on fitness in an extremely long-lived bird.
    Functional Ecology


Find me on Twitter at @LizziePearmain and on GitHub as lizziepear.

Read more about the work of the BirdLife International Marine Programme at their webpage, and follow BirdLife Marine and the Albatross Task Force on Twitter.